The Cult of the Destroyer


still in the mining camp.
went to the ravine.

People used to live there, something magical happened so everyone left. Goblins moved in.

We are going to the Ravine. -—→hr. journey——>come up on a door: this door leads to the ravine. The door has a square hole……We find this riddle on the door: Give me that which I’m attracted to, which lifts a load and leads to cold. -——→ go to the old mine.

old mine
lots of old growth, been abandoned for four years. four foot high entrance, little bit of an old minecart track. see 30 ft in, and then there is a rock collapse.

+31 perception check (combined fellows)
found a load stone.
and a secret entrance.
the rock collapse was foul play.

Sarkastick Beggar and I are staying behind as everyone else enters the cave.

the tunnel, following from the secret entrance, leads to an opening within the “mountain”. They perceive that people died from the rock collapse. Gentleman Hunter comes and gets us.

+survival check
we find a newer path with no mine cart tracks. Main mine went N. This one goes to the West. Which, would place us under McGreary’s house.

We go down the secret path, becomes clear that the mine is still in use, or has been used more recently, we hear mining and echoes. Now we see some faint light. S. Beggar and Phantom go forward, they see gold everywhere and men mining with no weapons. We startle them. They run. we catch them. They are the sons of the mine owner. we intimidate. We tie them up.

we find out that the tunnel collapse was done by the McGrearys

We go to McGreary’s house, their dad isn’t home. We go to the bar, where he will be. Gentleman gives epic speech and the townspeople align with us, we now win over the mayor as well, Fucking A. Now the people are in the gallows. Townspeople sing:
“The lord loves a hangin’, thats why he gave us necks”. These people are now dead. So, we festivate. Upon much cheerfeeling, we go to the Old Gnome. We ask the Old Gnome if he knows anything about the riddle, he reassures us that the Loadstone is probably the answer to the riddle. Go back to town to rest, and we are given four nooses as a sign of gratitude.
+Perception check
Eveyone seems to be happy, and gambling.
Go to bed. Wake up. Go to the ravine. I put the rock in. The door opens. 10 by 10 entrance. I take the stone out of the door, and the door closes.
(side note: we are worried about Dustan)

We are on the edge of a cliff now. the cliff drops down into the ravine, and a tower from inside the ravine rises up to be almost even with the height of the cliff. We have to descend a rope to be on a platform from which a bridge leads out to the tower.
I climb down the rope, and fall. 7 damage.
We attract two goblin archers.
Essie, Tobi, Jarid&Ape, Mike, Dustan, Austin, Goblin, Goblin
Essie – Full move action 60.
Tobi – Full move action 60.
Jarid – Move forward 20 and shoot.
(Ape) – Full move action 60.
Mike – Move forward 40
Dustan – Full move action 30. Singing confidence.
Austin – ran forward 60.

Essie – Full move action 60 & with Goblins.
Tobi -


One Goblin is dead, other is unconscious. Ape went shit. We find nothing, and then we mercy kill the other.We are at the tower and look down to a ledge just 15 ft below us. We see pillars everywhere, and there are goblins.

Recap: We kill everyone but lose the ape. We then descend to under the tower and kill a boss.

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