The Cult of the Destroyer is a role playing-centric campaign for D&D 3.5 set in a world of my creation. Players should leave their preconceived notions of how the world of Dungeons and Dragons works at the door—this game will turn them on their heads with fresh takes on the roles of race, class, and magic in its unique setting. Veterans and new players alike can expect an engaging game free of tired cliches and tropes.

While this is a linear campaign, players are given the option of aligning themselves with various organizations of NPCs to create a “choose your own adventure” style of play with a multitude of side quests. Though the end goal is the same, the paths to reach it vary wildly between play-throughs.

New games rules have been implemented to streamline play and immerse the player in the gritty realism of the world:

  • Condensed “use untrained” skills – No more spending precious points on spot AND search!
  • Expanded weapon and armor list – Weapon and armor are now available in a variety of mundane and magical materials, each with their own unique statistics.
  • Deterioration of arms and armor – Got a fancy magic breastplate? It isn’t going to stand up to a million axe blows without proper maintenance.
  • Bonus experience given on per-player basis – Play your alignment and out role play your friends for SWEET XP!

Before you begin, please refer to this alignment guide and this player questionnaire for relevant character creation information.

Current players, head on over to the wiki for game rule information, campaign setting details, and other pertinent information!