The Royal Provinces of Baelor

Baelor, the western kingdom, is composed of four provinces, each with a royal house headed by a high lord. When the king dies any high lord may make a bid for the throne. When any of the high lords challenge the king’s named successor, all four high lords (on of them being the named successor) and the previous king’s steward (a position appointed by the king to a native lord of Calstone) convene to for a new king. Refusing to accept the outcome of such a vote is considered treason, as is any rebellion or further attempt to gain the throne or succeed.

Baelor is the most democratic of the nations, being much less militaristic than Talgared and less of a staunch monarchy than Ardos. As such, it tends to have more political maneuvering, plotting, and backstabbing amongst its lords, as any of them could potentially rise to the throne. Because of this, the houses are suspicious of one another and often untrusting of those not of their province.

Baelor is bordered on the west by the Claw Mountain range, to the south by the Inner Sea, and to the east by the Talon River. The climate is temperate.

Northloch, the northern province, is ruled by Ulrich Sterner, the brother of King Targis. The economy is based around forestry in the Far North Woods and agriculture across the plains.
Trade is done with Dormead to the west and Summerfield to the east.

Dormead, the northwestern province, is ruled by Eronna Chartrell, who supports Doyle Sterner’s succession to the throne but is pressured by House Saxton to cast her vote for Fredrick.
The economy is based around forestry in the Border Forest, mining in the Claw Mountains, and agriculture. Trade is done with Blackhedge in the south.

Blackhedge, the southwestern province, is ruled by Fredrick Saxton, a ruthless noble with plans for power who makes a bid for the throne when King Targis dies (under orders from the wizard Gigamex)
The economy is based on trade with Dormead, Summerfield, and the Free Cities, as well as agriculture.

Summerfield, the eastern province, is ruled by Delin Haddok, who supports Fredrick’s bid for the throne due to his promise to eliminate the need for trade with Ardos to be intermediated by the Citadel, which would allow House Haddok to control all import and export taxes.

At the beginning of the campaign, King Targis has just died. Due to his popularity amongst both the nobles and commoners the succession of his son Doyle seems uncontested. However, Fredrick Saxton has made a bid for the throne and, surprisingly, it seems that he has the other two houses behind him. Secretly advised in South Haven by the wizard Gigamex, Fredrick has cut of trade with Dormead and sent raiding parties into the southern reaches of that province. Also, he has sent emissaries to Delin Haddok in Summerfield promising to oust the Order of Magus from the kingdom and give House Haddok control of tariffs. When it becomes clear that Delin is supporting Fredrick the people of Summerfield revolt, many of the lords amongst them. However, until the high lords can convene and vote Doyle sits on the throne. In response to the revolt in Summerfield, Doyle sends his own troops to help stabilize the province. When faced with the men of the man they are revolting to support, the people of Summerfield stand down and the rebellion is ended without further violence. This maneuver so impresses Delin that he renounces his support of Fredrick in favor of Doyle. With Delin, Ulrich, and the Royal Steward behind him, Doyle is able to secure the throne.


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The Royal Provinces of Baelor

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