Maintaining Weapons and Armor

This information details how weapons and armor deteriorate through use, and how you can counter those effects.


Each time an attack exceeds your touch armor class (10 + Dexterity bonus) one point of damage will be applied to your armor. Attacks that ignore armor class (i.e. a dragon’s breath weapon, touch attack, or other events that are opposed by saving throws) do not affect your armor.

The quality of armor is divided into four categories: Fine, Good, Fair, and Poor. Armor with no points on it is considered Fine. As the armor takes damage it progresses into the other categories. The number of points required to reach a new category is specific to the type of armor and is detailed int the document “Armor Quality Chart.”

Armor may have conditional modifiers placed on it due to its quality. Armor in Fine condition grants the wearer +1 to AC while armor in Poor condition losses one point of AC. When a set of armor reaches the maximum amount of damage which it can sustain (the number on the right of the ‘Poor’ column in the document “Armor Quality Chart”) it is destroyed, becoming unusable and unrepairable.

Each day you can remove points of damage (known as your Armor Repair Value) from your armor by taking an hour to repair it. If you wish to repair more than one set of armor you must spend an addition hour for each. However, you cannot spend more than one hour on any single armor.

Your Armor Repair Value is based on your Craft or Profession skill. When choosing your craft and profession skills, choose a material (cloth, leather, hide, iron, etc.) to allow your character to repair weapons or armor of that material. Therefore, your Armor Repair Value for any given material is the total of the appropriate skill.

You are not limited to repairing only your armor. If your Armor Repair Value is higher than another character’s you can repair their armor for them.

A player cannot repair armor to the point that its condition become Fine unless they have a skill value of 20 or higher in the appropriate Craft skill.

In addition to repairing armor themselves players may pay NPC smiths to repair armor for them.

There are certain special materials of armor, including Dwarven Steel, Mithril, Adamant, and Darkforge. In order for a player to repair these types of armor they must be of the appropriate race.

Armor quality chart


All the rules for armor degradation and repair applies to weapons as well. Each time a weapon is used it gains a point which affects the condition which it is in.

Weapons in Fine condition gain +1 to attack and damage rolls while weapons in Poor condition loss one point of each. Weapons are likewise destroyed when they gain their total value of damage points.

Weapons may be repaired daily up to your Weapon Repair Value of its material.

A Craft skill of 20 of the appropriate material is required to repair weapons to Fine condition.

Weapon quality chart

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Maintaining Weapons and Armor

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